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I ordered 4 items from, when my order came 2 of the 4 I did not order.

Emailed the company, they asked me to email them photos of what I received. I did and they still will not send me what I paid for with paying shipping for their mix up. I had been emailing them, and it hard because the company is in another country. The company is in china.

I don't think I will be getting what I ordered.

I want anyone thinking about ordering from this company to think again and order from another company.This will save you alot of time.



I just received the 2 Coach bags i ordered.Wow!-totally disappointed and ripped off.

These are not authentic Coach, and are not leather, but are very poor quality knock-offs. I paid $68. each for them, and the declaration value listed their value at $15. This company from China totally misrepresentd their merchandise, and after emailing them Amy Smith (really?!) replied, asking me to send pictures of why i was dissatisfied.

I am reporting them to my credit card company for internet fraud, but now i have to return them to China at my own cost- cant imagine what that will be......ugh!DONT GET TAKEN BY THIS COMPANY!!!


I ordered a coach julia navy blue in tapered leather, they sent me a black patented fake looks horrible.You will not be able to speak to a rep.its all automated messages.

I had to send picture, it has been 4 months and they have not refunded my order.please don't buy from them, they will steal your money!

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